Schej Meet

Scheduling in-person meetings when people are either at home or in the office is a painful task. Schej will boost your collaboration and strengthen your culture by coordinating attendance to enable more effective meetings.

Get the right people in the right place at the right time.

Schej Meet - Hybrid Work Meetings
Schej Meet create hybrid meeting demo

Coordinate hybrid meetings

Optimise in-person attendance

Schej scans availability and office attendance schedules to find the optimal time to maximise in-person attendance.

Meeting insights

Get visibility of team collaboration, length and size of meetings as well as in-person attendance. Discover what's working.

Integrated with calendars

Schej Meet integrates with Outlook and Google Workspace calendars to help align availability between colleagues.

Book a demo

See how Schej can help your business during a 30 minute online demonstration led by Schej founder Sean Lee Rice.