Schej Space

Schej Space builds a seating plan that facilitates collaboration instead of controversy.

80% of employees* dislike desk booking. It leads to competition for the best seats, insular groups and isolated individuals. Schej is a more intelligent alternative.

* Survey June 2021, 362 respondents
Schej Space - Hybrid Work Office

Manage your office space without hot desking

Daily office plans

Automatically issues an office plan to your employees on a daily basis to ensure your space is used efficiently.

Innovative area management

Floor management solution that splits the office into areas with designated capacity.

Flexible settings

Create flexible rules about how space is used and enable a dynamic, thriving workplace.

Assign spaces, not seats

Automatically assign people to spaces

Schej Space will then automatically assign people to a specific space based upon team sizing and inter-group dynamics.

Create rules around teams

The traditional model of the office is about to be blown apart and Schej provides the dynamic flexibility required to embrace the future of work. Easily edit the office layout and reserve areas for specific teams.

Book a demo

See how Schej can help your business during a 30 minute online demonstration led by Schej founder Sean Lee Rice.