Schej Time

Give employees the flexibility to choose when they attend the office while providing visibility on their colleagues’ schedule for maximum collaboration.

Build a sustainable hybrid working model by tailoring attendance preferences at the company, team and individual levels.

Schej Time - Hybrid Work Scheduling

Intelligent Scheduling

Schej offers a smarter way to unlock the flexibility of hybrid working.

This is a lot more than just desk booking.

We help you get the right people in the right place at the right time.

Build collaborative long term schedules that improve company culture whilst helping you to plan capacity and reduce waste.

Connect your people

Team scheduling

Provide visibility of schedules to align team coordination.

Clean User Interface

Easy to use with your existing email and calendar software.

Cater to the individuals that power your business

Individual schedules

Schedules delivered to your employees' inbox.

Email and calendar plugins

Fully integrates with Office 365/Outlook and Google Workspace/Gmail.

Book a demo

See how we make hybrid work scheduling easy during a 30 minute online demonstration led by Schej founder Sean Lee Rice.