Go beyond desk booking

Get the right people in the right place at the right time.


Schej enables your hybrid workforce to intelligently schedule and utilise their time in-office. You’ll maximise collaboration, drive innovation, strengthen company culture and increase productivity.

Integrates with Gmail and Office 365

Integrates with Gmail and Office 365
Schej - Hybrid Workplace Model

What hybrid work problem is Schej solving? It’s a question we are occasionally asked. So here is founder Sean Lee Rice with the answer.


Your hybrid workplace model needs more than a desk booking system.

80% of employees dislike desk booking*. Schej is a smart scheduling solution that harmonises staff working preferences with the needs of your business.

* Survey June 2021, 362 respondents

What Schej can do for you

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What Schej can do for your organisation

Optimise time in the office

Balance people’s time between office and remote working. Hyper-collaborative in the office, hyper-productive at home.
Hybrid Workplace Model - optimise office time
Balance office and remote
Over capacity and under capacity
Hybrid Workplace Model - maximise office savings

Maximise office savings

Set your target office capacity to minimise wasted office space. Schej generates a schedule that fills your office with the buzz of collaboration, whatever the size.

Improve employee satisfaction

Hot desking* and desk booking are both disliked by employees. Schej enables meaningful social interactions, with teams sitting and meeting together in the office.

* Survey March 2021, 215 respondents.
Hybrid Workplace Model - staff dislike hot desking
Employee satisfaction

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